Are You Ready for Cornerstone Convergence 2020 Unbound?

You may say, 2020 is the year of crisis and survival for many organizations. But it's also the year of learning and transformation. Just in months, your HR people went from managing talent to mitigating a global crisis by ensuring workplace safety and business continuity. 

Thanks to their efforts, we are now in the new normal. Its rules and demands have already sunk into our lives and livelihoods. So, survival is no more the flavor of the season. It's time for businesses, as well as your employees to recoup and thrive in this new normal. You already know what this means for HR; You are now responsible for bringing harmony to the free and flexible world of work  

That's the conversation Cornerstone is promising to unravel in its upcoming event, Convergence Unbound 2020. 

Cornerstone Convergence 2020 Unbound 

This year's conference is Cornerstone's first ever virtual convergence. The event features amazing keynote sessions, product presentations and fun filled networking activities centered around the theme of 'Unbound Thinking.' 

When: The all-new and all-virtual conference will stream globally for two half days across three regions and seven different time zones on September 16th and 17th. The conference begins at 9am PDT and ends at 1pm PDT on both days. 

Who can attend?  Cornerstone Convergence 2020 is open to all HR leaders, talent management professionals, L&D executives, business leaders and industry enthusiasts. 

Is it expensive? No. It's absolutely free for all its attendees. 

What to Expect from Cornerstone Convergence 2020? 

With over 50 sessions emphasizing on the fundamentals and the recent advancements of HR and learning, the conference is jam packed with innovation and perspective. You can hear directly from cornerstone's clients Bancorp, VMWare, BCG, Hulu etc., on how they were able to overcome the challenges of the pandemic and new normal. Here are our top-picks from the agenda.  

Paul Saunders 

On the first day, the conference will open with an informative and inspiring keynote from Cornerstone's CEO Phil Saunders. In his session, Phil will address the challenges present in the 'Now of Work.' He will also shed light on how Cornerstone's disruptive technological innovations can help your people navigate the change and drive positive results for your organization.   

Viola Davis 

With an Academy Award, an Emmy Award and two Tony Awards to her name, Viola Davis became the first black actress to achieve the Triple Crown of Acting. Her advocacy and activism on equal rights for women and women of color added to her recognition. On the closing of day one, Viola will engage us in an intimate conversation about owning your personal life-story can strengthen yourself and the people around you. 

Pulling from her own personal experiences, Viola will inspire you to draw strength from within and realize your worth. 

Emmanuel Achor 

We've all witnessed the racial chaos that shocked the world after the death of George Floyd. Many business leaders have admitted they are not sure how to have this conversation with their black employees. Convergence is setting up a safe place for you to have it. Leading Sports Analyst, Emmanuel Acho, is bringing his show 'Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man,' to Convergence Unbound. 

In this Q&A session, Emmanuel will answer questions about race, social injustice, diversity and inclusion. If you want to know answers for the questions you couldn't ask your black co-workers, here's your cue. 

Liggy Webb, Summer Solomonson and Mark Lamswood 

As you already know, learning and transformation is inevitable for organizations to move forward in the new normal. Our three panelists, Liggy Webb, a bestselling author; Summer Salomonsen, Head of Cornerstone Studios; Mark Lamswood, Regional Director for Cornerstone Content, will discuss on how to identify the right skills and build content strategies to harness a learning culture in the new normal. 

You can readily gain knowledge on 

  • Skills you will need in times of crisis. 

  • Nurturing a learning culture that lasts  

  • Learning strategies to drive it all. 

Stacia Garr, Crysta Dungee, and Noel Hornsberry 

The recent social uproar exposed the diversity gap in our workplaces. The new normal will be an open place for people of diverse colors and thoughts. Organizations that nurture diverse, equitable and inclusive workplaces show high levels of creative and adaptability elements. 

Join the D&I leaders, Crysta Dungee of Sodexo, and Noel Hornsberry of Cornerstone as Stacia Garr moderates the discussion on key elements of a DE&I strategies. This session will focus on how to leverage your DE&I initiatives to promise a meaningful harmony in your diverse workplace. 

Joseph Cunningham, Laura Edwards-Lassner, and Gabe Aponte 

Under the client spotlight, there's an interesting discussion waiting to happen. In the County of San Mateo, KAR Global, and BeyondTrust successfully leveraged Cornerstone Content to deliver modern training to suit the new normal. 

Hear it directly from the team that it possible and learn how to tailor your learning content to meet the challenges of new normal. Meet Joseph Cunningham, LMS Supervisor of KAR Global, Laura Edwards-Lassner, Sr. Director of Talent Management of BeyodTrust and Gabe Aponte, L&D Program manager of San Mateo County. 

Schedule your Own Agenda 

It's not possible to attend and learn from every session. So, Cornerstone is providing the opportunity to schedule your own agenda for Convergence. Along with the keynote, you can curate sessions across five different tracks and schedule your sessions for a personalized Convergence experience. Also, you can avail these sessions on demand. 

The pandemic has opened-up the workplace and it's time for HR and L&D to open up for this new world of work. That's why it's called Convergence Unbound. 

If you're as excited as we are about it and want to learn more? 

Register here and get ready for Cornerstone convergence 2020 Unbound.