Drive learner engagement with user-centric training dashboards

We all know that gaming industry engages users with rewards, leader boards, progress indicators, and visualizations. Applying the same approach to your learning can engage your learners and drive retention.  

One of the best medium to engage your learners is your LMS landing pages. You can make them informative and interactive and engage your learners with more relevant experiences.  

Some of the elements you can think are - 

Welcoming graphic-   

Brand-led welcoming graphics provide your learners a sense of belonging and motivates them to come back for more.  

Progress Indicators-   

With progress indicators you can notify learners about their status on each learning activity. 

Calendar schedule-   

A calendar schedule can help your learners plan their training schedules well in advance. 

Graphical display of courses-   

A visual display of courses with instant access can ease learning and sustains interest. 

To do list-   

A to-do list drives learner attention to what they are supposed to complete or something that they are due for. It also helps learners to set their priorities and accomplish their learning goals.  

You can also engage your learners by adding news and announcements, company and product videos and create a one stop source for your enterprise learning needs.  

If you need help to customize your SumTotal LMS dashboards or news pages into centres of interactivity, get connected with Chasma Editor – a platform which gives you instant access to templates that you can use to build the required experience for your learners.  

 Chasma Editor Helps you -  

  • Build dashboards and deploy them at a rapid pace  

  • Create an engaging and brand led learner experience 

  • Improve the user adoption of your LMS

  Drive better training outcomes by creating engaging LMS dashboards and landing pages.

Chasma Place, is an independent source for solutions that will help you keep pace with changes in the way your people work without ripping and replacing your existing systems.

Chasma Lexy : Virtual assistant for Sumtotal LMS