Transform your learner experience and process delivery in Sumtotal with Lexy

According to research by Deloitte, 1% of a typical work week is all that your employees have to focus on training and development. 

That makes only 24 minutes a week.

With 24 minutes in hand, your employees look at their clocks, thinking they are left with some time, go to your learning portal to finish their development goals. 

Then, when your learners want a helpful resource or support, they rush to the catalog, search and wait for results. 
Sometimes they must wait long to receive the responses from the admin or manager to get the things done. 

And learning stops. 

Recreate Your 24 minutes with a Chatbot in your LMS 

Josh Bersin says about digital learning “It is a way of learning not a type of learning.” 

It is all about bringing learning into the hands of learners, letting learning enter into the flow of work with design that immerses learners. 

How happy your learners will be if a friendly assistant wishes them right when log into learn, guide them through learning and help them accomplish goals. 

"Hi John, Lets start your training. I'm Bob, your friendly virtual assistant to help your learning."  

Hey Bob, Great. Let me know what I am scheduled for the day." 

John, its volume 3 in Compliance training, you can initiate this course by clicking here. 

Ok, thanks Bob. 

A friendly bot that assists your learners in the right time is always welcome. 

A bot integrated with your LMS can support the learning process right from things like resetting the password to managing development plans. 

It can also be an instant support to your learners, managers and learning staff and it can do more.

Saves your training staff’s time 

A chatbot can help your learners and training managers to spend most of their time on critical tasks like Analyzing current training needs and development plans for future. It can also relieve them from handling all the drudgery they handle every day. 

Makes learning interactive and engages your learners 

Chatbots in LMS not only assist your learners but can also engage them with instant responses to your learner’s queries and updates them on important schedules. It motivates learners by helping them to quickly access the learning resources they need. Thus a chatbot can create a smooth learning flow which brings learners back for more.  

Boosts Personalization 

Integrating a chatbot in to your LMS can give your learners a personalized learning experience by offering the unique support each user needs. 

If you're thinking about reinventing your training strategies, then chatbot would be a great option helping you create engaging personalized experience your users will appreciate.  

Click below to get information on how Chasma Lexy - A virtual assistant for your Sumtotal LMS, will help you offer a positive learning experience to your learners. 

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Chasma Lexy : Virtual assistant for Sumtotal LMS