Bridge the Gap Between Raw Data and Insights with Chasma Analytics

Data is not just data anymore; it is the fundamental currency of the digital world. Companies mine their data in search of vital insights into their business. In the past few years, data has grown at a rapid pace, amassing ever-larger volumes. Yet the toughest challenge in handling data is not compiling it. It’s comprehending it. 

Why is data hard to comprehend? 

Data is not information until you organize it. Information is not insight until you analyze it. 

Insight is not useful until you tell its story, but it takes more than a reporting tool to reveal a story. Many organizations lack the time and resources to embark on the analytics journey, and our HR and Learning professionals are no exception. 

Though vendor systems provide built-in HR or learning analytics to all its users, getting from raw data to useful insights is a do-it-yourself project. This is where Chasma Analytics comes in. 

How Chasma Analytics Drives Value 

With five years of research into learning analytics and the metrics that matter most, we developed Chasma Analytics as a tool to give your people deep insights into the power of learning in your business. Chasma provides multichannel dashboards that you can readily deploy in your HR or learning platforms. It offers: 


  • Pre-Configured Dashboards: There is no room for one-size-fits-all when it comes to people data. Every business is distinct from the choice of KPIs it wants to track. However, a customized solution can be expensive. That is why we designed pre-configured dashboards to be both cost-effective and user-centric. Chasma Analytics features 180+ pre-configured dashboards tailor-made to plan, track, and manage your learning activities. 


  • Advanced Analytics: Organizations that operate across various geographies and multiple domains have a lot to catch up on, but multiple reports for every activity from each of the locations can be a challenging task. With our advanced learning analytics, we provide a multi-dimensional report with nested drill-down facilities to ease navigation through all that information. You can also embed that report in your dashboard and hit the ground running within no time. 


  • Data-Visualizations: Chasma Analytics provides a wide range of charts to visualize your data. Your executives can gain instant insights from these data visualizations and make decisions at the speed of your business. We develop responsive visualizations to provide the flexibility to communicate insights over any device.  


  • TDRP/ Predictive Models: - Predictive models provide you with the insights you need for the future and prepares you for it. Chasma Analytics lets you take advantage of your people’s potential by foreseeing potential outcomes and risks. In the event of unexpected data influx, you can enjoy unruffled live reporting with Chasma Analytics. 


  • Expert Support: - If you need support in optimizing your LMS data or want more information, we can help you with that. With assistance from our professionals, you can resolve your issues with-in 24 hours. If you are new to your HR or Learning platforms, we can walk you through our library and suggest which dashboards and widgets will work for you and which won’t. 


Key Performance Indicators in Chasma Analytics: Key Performance Indicators or KPIs are the metrics that allow you to track your employees’ patterns. Chasma Analytics enables you to define your KPIs based upon your needs, such as compliance, hiring, effectiveness, and knowledge pool. Some critical KPIs you can track for learning are: 


  • Hours of training to let you compare and summarize the hours your learners spent in learning, so you can analyze its impact on work. 

  • Cost of training for each learner or a whole team, so you can examine whether the costs align with results. 

  • Activity score for each course to know the pass/fail percentage and score distribution. 

  • Activity completions to analyze completions with learner-centric stats. 

  • SCORM Interactions to help you track your learner’s responses on a SCORM activity. 


Some other standard features of Chasma Analytics include: 

  • Advanced charts such as candlestick, scatter, stacked, time-series, meter, bubble, treemaps, and heat map 

  • Map visualizations, derived tables, and calculated fields 

  • Exports to multiple formats such as JSON, CSV, XLS, and PDF  

  • Advanced widgets such as funnel, pyramid, sparkline, Gantt chart, and linear gauge  

  • Custom reports with single value, single-select, multi-select input controls 

  • Drill-down and nested drill-down reports using sub-reports 

  • Custom domains, custom topics, and views 

  • Scheduling reports to FTP, folder, and email 

  • Security of data with user role permissions 


Why A Pre-Configured Chasma Dashboard Is A Cost-Effective Solution 

All types of organizations ranging from startups to large enterprises consult us regarding solutions for their people data. Over time, we have found that all their concerns come from similar needs. They needed a useful tool that doesn’t run through their resources, money, and time. 

We developed pre-customized dashboards that are easily deployable into your vendor platforms.  

You can achieve operational reporting excellence within days, not weeks. These data visualizations speed up your decision-making and enrich your business intelligence at the same time. And all of this happens only for a fraction of what you would spend on a customized data integration solution. 

Let Chasma Analytics Do the Talking: When a dashboard tells you the story you want to know rather than a pile of confusing reports, wouldn’t you appreciate it more? Refrain from manipulating tabular reports or wrangling spreadsheets and let Chasma Analytics do the hard labor for you. 

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